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Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Opening Prayer: Why do we settle for less, O Lord?  Why are we content with a life that is so much less than the love and the fullness you desire for us?  Help us, this day, to settle no longer.  Give us the strength and the grace and the courage to totally open ourselves up to you, and to all you have to offer us.  Amen.

Scripture: Jeremiah 2:13

Journal: What is your life like these days?  What words would you use to describe it?  What is your life with God like?  What keeps you from fully experiencing him?  What are the broken wells you typically drink from?  In what ways are you settling for less than the life and the love he offers you?  Why?

Reflection: Why do we settle for less?  Do you ever wonder about that?  If, indeed, God’s love is better than a fine wine, which is rich and full and robust and intoxicating, why do we spend so much of our lives consuming things that pale in comparison?  Why do we continually drink of the “wells” of this world that do nothing more than dull our palates to the things of God?  Why are we so reluctant to give up that which does not (and cannot) satisfy, in order to drink of the things that do?
     The truth is that God wants more for us than we even want for ourselves.  He desperately wants us to know the kisses of his mouth. (Song of Songs 1:2) He longs for us to feast on the abundance of his house and drink from his river of delights. (Psalm 36:8) He yearns for us to know the abundance of his love and his care and his Spirit. (John 10:10) He desires us to know the love that surpasses knowledge and to be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:19) He longs to lead us into the desert and speak tenderly to us, to allure us with his great love and affection. (Hosea 2:14) All of this so that we might finally be willing to leave behind our broken cisterns and spend our lives in intimate union with him.


Closing Prayer: No more, O God!  Help me to settle no more.  Help me not to settle for some half-assed, watered down version of life and faith that falls so far short of the life you want for me.

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