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Saturday, July 4, 2020

but now i see

Opening Prayer: O God, help me to see.  Help me to see those things in my life and my world that I am still blind to.  I cannot see them unless you show me.  So show me where I am still blind, O God, so I will not be like the Pharisees.  Amen.

Scripture: John 9:1-41

Journal: What is God saying to you through the scriptures today? What are you blind spots these days?

Reflect: Physical blindness is one thing, but spiritual blindness is quite another.  I mean, at least those who are physically blind know it, right?  The problem is that, oftentimes, those who are spiritually blind actually think they can see.  That’s the beauty of this passage in John, Jesus uses one to display the other.  He makes the blind man able to see and he shows the seeing men that they are actually blind.
     There was likely a time in each of our spiritual journeys where we would say, like the blind man, “Once I was blind, but now I see.”  There was a time, or a period of time, when somehow God turned the lights on for us and we were finally able to see things as they really are.  But the problem is that even after we are able “to see,” there are still things we are blind to.  It’s just a part of the spiritual journey; we all develop blind spots.  Thus, we all are in constant need of Jesus coming to each of us again and again, in order to help us see in new ways.
     Ask God to show you your blind spots today.  Listen carefully to his voice and write down what he reveals to you.  Ask one of your closest and dearest friends to enter into that process with you.  Lovingly tell each other what you see.  Ask that friend to tell you what they think your blind spots are, and be open and receptive to whatever God says through them.  Ask Him to help you to see.  What around you does he want you to see?  Who around you does he want you to see?  What within you does he want you to see?


Closing Prayer:  Lord Jesus, help me to see, to really see.  Help me to see things and circumstances and people and the world the way you see them.  For only then can I love others the way you love them.  Amen.

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