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Friday, December 4, 2020


Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to live each day as if it were our last.  Help us to stay awake and alert.  Help us to be always waiting and watchful for your return.  Come, Lord Jesus!  Amen.  

Scripture: Mark 13:32-37

Journal: What would it look like if you lived each day as if it were the day of Christ’s return?



mark 13:32-37

when i return

what condition
will my house be in

will you be
running around
picking clothes
up off the floor

quickly trying
to do the dishes
or fix the broken

frantically stuffing things
into closets
and underneath
the beds

or will you be ready
for my return
because all along
you lived as if
today were the day


Closing Prayer: “Be on your guard!  Be alert!  Watch!”  Lord Jesus, help me to do all of these today.  Amen.


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