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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

out with the old

Opening Prayer: Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you want to do a new work in me.  Help me to make room for that work by letting go of the old.  Please give me the strength and the grace and courage to do so.  Amen.

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:26

Journal: What old do you need to let go of, in order to make room for the new God wants to do in you?


My Dear Child,

Why do you hold on so tightly to those old and familiar ways of being that stifle and limit and hinder my life within you?  Why do you refuse to let go of those old patterns and habits, in order that you might finally experience the newness and the life and the freedom I so desperately want for you?  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  You can’t keep holding on to the old and expect to be able to receive the new.  Receiving requires open hands.  Thus, letting go is a prerequisite.

I know the old is warm and comfortable, but it has such a low ceiling.  Every attempt at life and growth and freedom will lead to you hitting your head on that which you are unwilling to part with.  I want so much more for you than that.  What are you so afraid of?  Just trust me.



Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to let go of the old, in order to be able to receive the new you want to do in me.  Amen.

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