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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

as he went along

Opening Prayer: Help me, Lord Jesus to see those who are in my path as I go about my day today.  They desperately need to be seen and loved.  Help me to do just that.  Help me to enter in to what you are doing within and around me today.  Amen.

Scripture: John 9:1-7

Journal: Who and what is God calling you to today?  What if he’s just calling you to be more present and attentive to where you are and to who crosses your path?  What would that look like today?  How will you be more present and available to God during the course of your day?  How will you really see people?  How will you see what God is doing in and around you so you can join in to it? 

Reflection: “As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth.” (John 9:1)

     Most of us, it seems, like to imagine that following Jesus means we are called to go to exotic places and do heroic things.  And while that might be true for some, it is more likely that our call contains more humble beginnings.  In fact, it starts right where we are, with whoever is in front of us at the moment.
     The truth is that you and I will go places today, and we will see people as we go.  The question is: Will we really see them?  Or will we merely pass them by in our haste to get to the next thing?  Jesus saw people.  And he saw them as he went.  It didn’t take an exotic location or an important person to get his attention.  He wasn’t, it seems, out to do heroic things.  He was more concerned with simply showing up and loving whoever was in front of him at the moment.  
     We would be wise to do the same.  For all of ministry starts where we are.  We are sent first to Jerusalem, then Judea, then Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)  So let us pay great attention, not to our “to do” list, but to where we are going and to who will be there as we go.  Stop.  Look.  Listen.  Engage.  Ask God what he is up to and join in to that.
     “As you go, see people.  Really see them.  They are dying for that.  And as you see them, look for what I am doing within and around them.  Be aware of where I am already at work and join me.  What could be more heroic than that?”  


Closing Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to see as you see today, that I may join you in the work your Father sent us to do.  Amen.

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