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Saturday, March 27, 2021

as it is in heaven

Opening Prayer: On earth as it is in heaven.  Yes, please!  Give me a vison, O Lord, for what this could, and should, look like in my life, in my ministry, and in the world.  Amen.

Scripture: Matthew 6:10

Journal: What does this verse stir up within you?  How does it touch your deepest hopes for life and family and work and friendships and ministry?

Reflection: “On earth as it is in heaven.”  What an absolutely beautiful, albeit often overlooked, phrase.  And what a beautiful prayer; one that I am going to start praying for the people in my life and world today. 

What a beautiful vision for what life and ministry could, and should, look like.  Everything becoming all it was intended to be: true shalom, wholeness, flourishing. 

And we are invited to be participants, as well as agents, in that process.  Living whole lives and bringing that wholeness, health, and peace into our world.  Rolling back the effects of the fall and ushering in a way of being that is closer to what God had in mind. 

Thus, “On earth as it is in heaven,” becomes for us a model for life, a model for prayer, and a model for ministry.  Thanks be to God!


Closing Prayer: On earth as it is in heaven, O Lord.  Make things on earth the way that they are in heaven: whole, joyful, and free.  Amen.

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